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What To Expect

2012 WNBA

HoopsEdge.com (established in 2008) is a sports handicapping service run by Right Angle Sports with an exclusive focus on the first half of each WNBA season. We do not offer picks from any other sport during this period.

First 8 Weeks Only: The 2012 service will start on Friday, May 18th and end on Friday, July 13th. At this time the WNBA season will take a month off for the Olympics, and we will shift our focus to the upcoming college football season.

Number Of Plays: Based on volume from previous seasons, we project 8.5 plays per week on average, sides and totals combined (no 2h plays) and roughly 65-70 plays for the 8 week season.

Release Times: We expect to release most plays between 7:00-9:30am PST on day of game. There will be situations such as new information or line movement that will cause some plays to be released outside of this window. Release window is subject to change depending on market conditions.

Release Warning: There will be a warning sent via e-mail and/or text message 3-6 minutes before the release of any play (2h plays excluded) to allow time to prepare. This warning period has been shortened from previous seasons to provide a service that is more condusive to winning, and to make it more difficult for the market to predict and react to our releases.

Play Delivery:

Web Countdown Page - All plays will be released one at a time, at three minute intervals, via the web at www.RASpicks.com. This is the fastest and most reliable delivery method available. It ensures that all subscribers have equal access to plays as they are released. This page can also be accessed using a mobile device at m.raspicks.com.

*All subscribers will receive one login to the pick release page and simultaneous logins are not allowed.

E-mail - All plays will also be sent via e-mail as they are released on the web countdown page, but delivery time may be subject to delays depending on your ISP, spam filters, and other internet factors.

Text Messaging - All plays will also be sent via text message (by request) as they are released. Delays and reliability issues are common for several phone service providers. We do not recommend relying on text message as a primary method for receiving plays.

*All subscribers are allowed a combination of no more than three (3) e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers.

No Write-Ups: To improve the efficiency of the service and preserve value of certain handicapping information, plays will NOT include write-ups.

Rating & Grading: All plays will be rated at 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 units and graded with a -110 consensus line from major sportsbooks (typically Pinnacle & Bookmaker) at time of release. All plays will be automatically displayed on the Pick Archive page no more than 10 minutes after tip off for fully transparent monitoring.

Line Movement: Due to the strong following of the service and the smaller size of the WNBA market, it should be expected that lines on all plays will move significantly within 5-25 seconds of release! It can be a challenge for bettors of all experience levels to place wagers before movement. It is essential to optimize your process and be prepared to place wagers immediately upon release in order to take full advantage of this service. Failure to do this will result in having to choose whether or not to place wagers at lines worse than what we release and grade with, thus removing some if not all edge that the service provides. We recommend experimenting with several different sportsbooks (some move lines faster than others) and betting methods (phone/online) to see what works best for you. Do not expect perfect results in your first few attempts. When you miss the initial line movement, it is usually best to wait to see if the line moves back in your favor at some point before the game starts. Timing when to bet and shopping for the best numbers will always maximize your results. Please carefully review the HoopsEdge User Guide for more detailed info and tips.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at info@hoopsedge.com or (866) 321-WINS (9467).