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Edward of Right Angle Sports, one of the most respected names in the sports handicapping industry, introduced HoopsEdge.com in 2008, a handicapping service that focuses exclusively on the first 10 weeks of the WNBA season.

WNBA games feature offshore betting limits that are comparable to most college basketball games, yet the league receives far less attention from the media, and is largely ignored by leading oddsmakers and betting groups. There are no mainstream power ratings for the WNBA.  The only way to obtain reliable team ratings is to create them yourself. With such little interest in the league, and so few viewing many games, quality subjective analysis is seldom built in to the market.  This is the type of scenario that the RAS/HoopsEdge team thrives in.  We immerse ourselves into the league so that we have as much intimate knowledge as possible on every WNBA team, player, and coach.  HoopsEdge then combines this information with statistical models and past basketball handicapping experience to indentify profitable betting opportunities.

HoopsEdge plays have won at a 56.91% rate (as of 08/26/12) over three seasons since our inception in 2008. The plays have beaten the closing line by an average of 1.55 points per pick indicating that HoopsEdge followers consistently have the best of it.

All HoopsEdge plays are posted on the Pick-Archive page of our website no later than 10 minutes after the start of each game for full recordkeeping transparency.

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